Vamps and Butterflies


It’s time for that best part of the cliché romantic comedy Cinderella spinoff movie. The transformation. Okay, so it’s not as though I will be getting plastic surgery or 80 million dollars to pull out all the stops, but I DO have a few things in store 😉

So it’s the post-Ask week. Surprisingly, things have been very different than anticipated. First off, I was worried things might be weird or different between Hot Bartender and I. They weren’t, but then again, it was like nothing had changed, so of course, I was slightly worried that he may A.) be trying to get out of going B.) be dreading going or C.) have forgotten all about it.

Then, towards the end of the first shift we’d had together since The Ask, I was breaking down the ice machine with Hot Bartender and commented that our dishwasher had yelled at me. He was surprised too, our dishwasher Bill is normally super nice. So when I confirmed it with a “Yeah, what the heck?” He smiled devilishly and said, “He’s probably just mad cause he’s not your Plus One.”

I jerked my eyes up to his across the Coke selection and it took me half a second for it to sink in. And there was A LOT to process. Obviously, he had not forgotten, he wasn’t dreading going, and he was NOT looking for a way to get out of the date. In fact, I’m pretty sure there was a fair amount of amusement and pride in his voice too. It was as if he was saying, “He’s mad because he’s not going with you, I am.” Which I must admit deliciously thrills me. He’s sort of cocky of course and I had considered that asking him might elevate his ego. I think he’s feeling pretty good that out of anyone I could have asked, I asked him. And that gave me such a great rush! I smiled in response and tried a little unfamiliar cockiness myself. I shrugged. “Yeah, you’re probably right,” I agreed with a vamp-approved smile. My daring has grown up so fast!

You see, I’ve been kind of know as the person who doesn’t date. I’ve never really dated at all with the exception of Top Gun. So I’m hoping that he does pick up on the fact that out of the restaurant, he’s the person I wanted to go with me. I hope this works. It’s a delicate process lol 🙂


So . . .  onto the beautification. See, this is where the surprise really comes in. I’ve found after The Ask, I wanted to become a person that he would want to be with and in the process, I’ve realized I like this me to. This is a person I want to be all the time, even if things with Hot Bartender don’t workout. And this is a pleasant surprise for sure.

I’ve joined a Planet Fitness and have been going every day to try to get rid of twenty pounds before the wedding and have been eating nutritiously ever since. I’m already 8 pounds down and I feel amazing! It turns out I LOVE working out and eating healthy isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’ve been using a new facial scrub an lotion and my face is glowing. My clothes fit way better, too.


I’ve scheduled a hair appointment, manicure pedicure, facial, and bronzing at a spa for the week before the wedding. I was a little nervous about the bronzing. I always joke that I’m so white I glow in the dark … but this isn’t tanning, it’s actually like it’s painted on with a lotion and absorbs into the skin. I’m definitely visiting Victoria Secrets and I’m on the hunt to decide what the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories shall be!

Let’s just say that I’m determined that Hot Bartender won’t know what’s coming. And I’m hoping it’ll have the anticipated impact. I know this isn’t the movies and that I am not going to be able to work miracles, but I feel better already! It was long overdue … and I have always thought I looked most similar to Anne Hathaway … and let’s say I’m on the experience level of Drew Barrymore circa Never Been Kissed lol 🙂


As a side note though, a friend has invited me to a fancy party tomorrow. I am concerned however, because she wants to introduce me to this supposedly irresistible guy. Here’s the danger zone: this is the friend who’s not over Hot Bartender. And I have a feeling she suspects what’s going on and is trying to get me shoved off on another guy. I know that there’s not a lot that she CAN do, especially because I doubt this guy is half the guy Hot Bartender is, but it’s bound to be messy when she finds out we’re going to the wedding together. I’m dreading that. I guess some of my passive aggressive tendencies are still alive and strong after all. . . I still like her and she’s still sort of my friend, but honestly I have the worst feeling that she might be my wicked villain stepsister in this melodrama. If only things were that black and white sometimes. I’m worried they might be miserably gray in this situation.

So I’m at a loss as to what to do there. All I know is that things are going forward steadily and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the wedding which is 44 days and counting! I have a countdown in my office cubicle and a coworker commented saying that she didn’t know I was getting married. She seemed amused when I told her I wasn’t the one getting married but I was the one with the hot date for it.


One more side note that has nothing to do with my present drama … today before the gym I shall be buying a bed! It’s cherry wood and a queen sleigh bed style! I am thrilled to be finally sleeping in a bed after 8 months sleeping on my couch (life of a poor college grad lol). Of course, this COULD possibly be connected with the wedding scenario after all …

I have a feeling if he’s up for it I might consider a hookup or at the least a really nice make out session. Having never really been here before I have no idea how I feel about any of this, but at this point and time, I just want to trust my gut decision. And right now my stomach butterflies are telling me they would really like to experience a love bite with those teeth … just saying!


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