Scooby Doo and Stormy Waters


Have you ever had a date where at the end, you walk away feeling like you’re hungover, saying, “What the heck happened?” Yeah … that’s sort of what happened on my date Monday night with the Banker …

Before I get into this date, I did want to say that I did indeed go speed dating and I will post about that this week!

So. The Banker.


Basically, the Banker had asked me to meet him at a restaurant in a well-known area at 6:30. I could do that, I told him, but I would be coming straight from work so I might be a bit late. He was okay with this and when walking into the restaurant, I texted him to let him know. He told me he was over at that bar with a Guinness. “You can’t miss me,” he texted. Well, I spotted him and thankfully, he was indeed as his pictures had revealed. At least 6’3”, maybe 6’4,” he was pretty cute. He had sandy brown hair, broad shoulders, good body, not too big and definitely not too little. He had this boyish look to him. The best way I can think to describe it is, think of Shaggy from Scooby Doo, at age 24 with no facial hair and cute and modern. So was the Banker.


Immediately I felt comfortable with him and he launched straightaway into a story. I was slightly charmed. However, the first awkward moment of the night was when the bartender came to get my order. I just asked for a glass of water with lemon because I’m on pain medicine for a back injury. He was shocked at this and said, “Surely you’ll get something?”


Apparently, and this was a BIG mix-up on my part, I had misunderstood. When he had asked me to meet him at the restaurant, he had apparently meant just to drink. So …. I explained I really couldn’t have that much alcohol but to salvage the situation, I ordered a glass of wine to sip.


The other bad news was I had skipped lunch to save calories for dinner and I was not mixing drugs and alcohol on an empty stomach … and I had a 30 minute drive home. So I tried to be cautious, but still enjoy the date. I barely sipped.

I enjoyed the Banker’s stories, but it started to feel like he wasn’t working to seek out our chemistry as much as he wanted to talk. And I like talkers. But after a while it started to feel like he was talking AT me instead of WITH me. He did ask me a few questions about myself … but I did start to feel like for the most part I was on the receiving end. The chemistry component wasn’t necessarily lacking … just … neglected. I didn’t really get the feeling that he was as much concerned about flirting with me as he just wanted to talk to somebody.


His family sounded amazing and with three sisters, the youngest two are blonde twins who could basically be Jessica and Elizabeth from Sweet Valley Twins, and his parents sound sweet. He grew up in a town like mine, with friends like mine, is Catholic like me, he had a similar way of storytelling and just seemed nice. So I stared at him and really tried to figure out, could I marry this person, could I date this person, would it be good to make out with this person? Because trust me, I had A LOT of time to think about this. And I kind of came to the conclusion that he was what I had been asking for. He was certainly ticking a lot of the boxes …

Then a man came over and asked us if we would like to participate in the trivia night about to start up. The Banker immediately said no and asked if I would like to go somewhere else to get away from the soon to be noisy restaurant. I agreed, wondering without much hope if we would be getting dinner.


We went to another restaurant and when the bartender asked if we needed dinner menus, the Banker assured her we wouldn’t be having dinner. Great. I order another glass of wine having not even sipped a third of my first one at the other restaurant.

It’s not really the fact that we didn’t get dinner (although I was starting to feel a bit sick from the alcohol medicine mix and empty stomach) but he didn’t ask, didn’t check with me. It was like with the guy asking about trivia. He just went ahead and made all those decisions without consulting me. Which made me feel … off put slightly. He did know I was coming straight from work and while he couldn’t know I skipped lunch, he did have to realize it was 9:00 p.m. …

That being said, I could easily have piped up and said I was hungry and paid for it myself … but sadly I just didn’t feel like wondering the night if he would judge me and make me feel fat. So as much as some people might disagree, I just tried to move with it and get through it.

At this new restaurant, more of the same talking difficulties … with me getting a few words in here and there. He did at some points seem to remember he was on a date, but it was such a weird experience. It was almost like I could have been his grandmother. …

Along the way he made two references that made me stop for a minute like, wait, what??

1.) When mentioning his apartment, he said, “It’s hard to describe, but you’ll be seeing it soon anyway.”

Really?? I found this strange. Yeah he never asked me back to his apartment … but still …

2.) When talking about his friends he said, “Well, but when you talk to them you’ll understand.”


Right. Again with the assumptions … it sounded like in a casual way he was already incorporating me into his life and this was odd considering the lack of flirtation or perceived interest I was getting from him.

We ended the date with a hug and he mentioned he had a fantastic time and wanted to set something up again. I wasn’t sure I would hear from him again, but 12 minutes later, I got a text from him saying, “Hey Andie, had a wonderful time tonight! Let me know how your week and weekend go, I’d love to see you again! Drive safe!”

Yes, he really takes time to text punctuation lol … He also mentioned the illustrious “love” word.

Still feeling sickly I drove myself to the nearest TGI Fridays where my favorite bartenders work. Seated at the bar I ordered dinner by myself and tried to sort out what I was feeling, what I should do.


“What’s wrong sunshine? You don’t look happy…” Alec, one of my favorite bartenders stopped over.

I told him that I had just come from a date and briefly explained as best I could how it went and said I was trying to figure out whether or not to go out with him again.

“Well did you have fun?” Alec asked. “I don’t really know. That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” I told him, to which he responded, “If you don’t know then you didn’t have fun.”

I told Alec he was wise beyond his years … but in the end I set up another date with the Banker for next Monday. He specifically mentioned dinner lol so we’ll see.

We texted briefly the morning after but nothing since. So I’m really confused … he seems to adhere to Katy Perry’s boyfriend’s policy and run hot and cold.


He acted during the date like he considered me part of his life (which was mildly concerning) but then doesn’t talk to me for almost two days? So I’ve started to chat with new prospects and will keep tabs on the Banker situation.

One last bit, I called my co-worker right before my date to tell her it indeed did only take me seven minutes to drive there (and she’s not too keen on my meeting people from the internet) and I received this series of text messages from her throughout the duration of my date [I saw them afterward].



6:57  I won’t lie, I’ve had far too much Chinese food to be ninja-like

6:58  But I will drive to your rescue

6:58  And make ninja sounds



7:07  I bet you called to tell me it took you seven minutes to get to the restaurant

7:07  Which would be LIES

7:07  Are you sure you’re not secretly meeting [hot preppy co-worker]?

7:08  God what if you’re in this guys trunk right now

7:08  And I’m being a lazy jerk talking about ninjas and [hot preppy co-worker]?



So, stay tuned for when the saga continues …. The Banker, Part II …  will it be a startling conclusion? Or a disappointing cliffhanger?  I’m really not sure at this point so we’ll all have to wait and see.

Until next time!




Saw Movies and Fifty Shades of Sexting


So, when last we left off, Coach Taylor had disappeared, Tall Paul was on the missing hikers bulletin, and I was sort of considering picking things up with the Bartender. It’s only fitting to start with the most shocking of all.



That’s correct folks, Tall Paul is indeed alive and survived his mountain camping excursion. I received a messaged from him on Thursday morning (the first activity on his account since Friday), saying “Well that ended up taking longer than expected.”


Tall Paul, it appears, really was still away in the mountains, and though not eaten by a bear, it appears his extreme date with nature ran over (whether by getting lost or his own decision we may never truly know).

Even more surprising is the fact that he messaged me back. So we will see how things develop with Tall Paul. I just find it amazing the dead-eyed survivor made it back safe and sound … and wasn’t just blowing me off.

It’s the little things … 🙂

Now, on to the next order of business … my unfortunate dealings with Coach Taylor. Just like that wild dog that doesn’t seem to want to stay but keeps showing up for treats from time to time, Coach Taylor has once again returned.

It all started on Thursday when my roommate posted a picture of us getting ready to go out drinking. Within three seconds, she calls out from the bathroom to ask me what Coach Taylor’s name was again …. Because he had liked the photo within three seconds. Therefore, I wasn’t entirely surprised that moments later I receive a text from him for the first time in a week.

Of course NOT being a glutton for punishment, I didn’t text him back. I know instinctively that there’s just something about this wild canine that would not make a good companion.


Seven shots later we were texting. And he was asking me if he had mentioned how pretty I was, to which I responded (I’m afraid with alcoholic cattiness) ‘you did cover that.’ He also mentioned that I was delicious. Not really sure how he would know that considering we have most certainly never made out …

But in the end, all of this led to last night’s conversation which I am transcribing for you. I’m not sure there’s any other way to convey this….

Him: So can i tell you something without you being offended … I feel like I need to tell you … You were in my dream the other night …

Me: Haha … um … okay?

Him: I had a sex dream … I’m sorry if this offends you

Me: Haha had to get that off your chest and confess? These things happen ..

Him: Yes … lol ok i thought you were gonna get mad …

Me: I have amazing zen

Him: Yeah I agree, can see that for sure!

Me: That being said of course, I might have shown concern if you had said ‘Hey I had a dream about that movie Saw … and you were in it … and I was jigsaw’


Him: Lol I’ve never seen those movies and I don’t want to

Me: I’m saying that would have been more concerning …

Him: Lol yeah … But I saw 50 shades of grey and then dreamed about you instead


Me: I have seen that one …

Him: Well it wasn’t anything crazy like that

Me: ….

I think he was partially wondering if I would think he was a creep or if I would be turned on and because of my neutral response he has seemed confused ever since. I do feel slightly creeped out, and slightly flattered. This is the first time someone has felt the need to confess for having lustful thoughts about me …

So I don’t know what to think about Coach Taylor. Except, just like that wild dog … I don’t think that I could ever really trust him to stay….


Dead Eyes and Deal Breakers


Ahoy fellow wordpressers! I’ve once again surfaced from the depths of online dating to share a couple notable stories from my week. In this episode, Tall Paul and his crazy eyes, Coach Taylor and the disappearing act … again, and a very confused German exchange student.

So first things first. After Coach Taylor blew up my phone, I agreed to give it another go and set a date with him for last Thursday. Shortly after this conversation, I never heard from him again. Indeed, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday trudged along with dead silence. Finally on Thursday I sent out a text seeing what was up with the plans for our date. Shockingly enough (considering the huge silence) the text I got back was: “Out of town, sorry I was meaning to text you…”


Well I can’t say it’s out of character. If you’ll remember, Coach Taylor had disappeared on me once before … quite out of the blue that time as well. It was obvious that the out of town fairies took his phone. That’s what the out of town fairies do. I’ve had a lot of run-ins with them in the past … I was gracious though in my “I kind of figured” text back and there has been no communication since. I think my coworker was actually more upset than I was. The fact is that we didn’t connect and that would probably have been the last time I saw him anyway. If I can survive the bartender wedding date disaster … this was nothing.

Tall Paul was a guy I started talking to this same past week. He was blonde, a computer systems analyst, and liked the outdoors. Plus, he was witty without being overly sexual. Don’t get me wrong, flirting is A-okay in my book. But really I’m tired of being frightened to get photos from guys and also it just transitions way too soon for me! Three messages in and it’s like a brainwave gets jumpstarted: Time for sexting. I’m not judging sexting, but I like to know I LIKE someone before thinking about getting into that.

So Tall Paul was appealing in that he was fun but not lecherous. I love the outdoors too … but I think it’s safe to say his love is a bit more … militant than mine lol …. He was explaining to me about his solo camping trip he would be taking this past weekend on Thursday night. Freeze dried food, no map and just some tarp for a tent. He also used the phrase “Be one with nature.” Showing this message to my roommate to ask her if he sounded a little TOO hippieish, she was very disturbed catching a glimpse of his photo. “No, you need to stop talking to him. He’s got crazy eyes! He looks like a serial killer.”

Okay so this guy was cute and blonde! My type exactly. And I can honestly say he didn’t have crazy eyes. It was more dead eyes … you know the soulless look?


And yeah it was slightly serial killerish, but I try not to be too harsh with ruling people out and you never know, it could just be the camera angle! I wished him luck on his venture and he told me he would be out of service range all weekend.


I never have heard back from Tall Paul. The fact of the matter is, it’s very likely Tall Paul decided to move on and lost interest after his commune with nature. That being said, it is also possible that while exploring the great wilderness around him, Tall Paul was eaten by a bear and his body may never be recovered.  Only time and his account activity will tell ….


Notable mentions from this week include the German exchange student who became extremely confused.  The following conversation occurred on Friday night after my serving shift.

Him: Hey, just wanted to say hi! You look nice. I’m from Germany.

Me: Wow that’s a long way from here! How are you?

Him: Good I must go to sleep though. For long while thought my father was dead. He is in U.S. in hospital with vein troubles and may not live though I have found him finally at last! Waiting for doctors and must see. Am very tired. Good-night. Thanks!

Me: ……

So that was one of the strangest conversations I think I may have ever had …

Second notable mention comes from across the Atlantic as well!

“You’ve a very interesting profile. You look beautiful & kind hearted. Your eyes seems like a magical ocean. There is innocence on your face. Life seems living in your cute smile & expressions. Are these tresses unfurled heavy dusk? You seems like a master piece chiseled out from marble. Am I seeing a dream or do you exist in reality? Overall you’re breath taking. I’m not trying to be judgmental. As we share an amazing compatibility percentage. So that means there may be something between us. Let’s chat and see if it may turn into a good friendship or possibly something more. Please take a look at my profile. Believe me I’m not lying or sugar coating words just talking from the heart. Though, I’m far but I would still love to know you. Your reply would be appreciated. I’ll be glad to hear back from you.”

Number one, it didn’t sound like he was struggling against being judgmental, but that was considerate of him to resist making judgment calls. Number two, marble. As much as I like myself I think I can safely say my body has NOT been carved out of marble lol. Number three, innocence. Sigh.

I think I’m really looking for a short distance relationship, regardless of the ocean comment. My eyes really do look like a magical ocean after all! If a magical ocean is indeed green and brown …


Lastly we have Friends with Benefits guy. I am guilty of messaging him first because he looked like a (cliché I know) bad boy. And after the Coach Taylor experiment failed, I thought that might be fun to try. Yeah. Basically I knew better lol. Our conversation went as follows:

Me: Hey what’s up?

Him: Nothing much, what are you on here for? 😉

[Winky smiles always send me warning signs….]

Me: I’m just looking to date, meet new people, not jump into anything heavy fast. What about you?

Him: So fwb?

[Friends with Benefits?]

Me: … umm no. probably not.

Him: Lol Then I don’t think I completely understand lol

Me: haha rereading that might have been misleading …. i’ve been trying to meet lots of new people … but not just to have sex with them lol

Him: Ohhhhhhhhh ok lol. Now I get it lol

Me: haha yeah so …. what are you on here for?

Him: Something open …I’m ok with fwb situation. Relationship open relationship. I’m open lol

Me: Haha gotcha gotcha … sometimes that works lol

Him: It does from time to time. But equally fun lol

Me: Yep

You’ve gotta give him props … he was indeed very open. That was just a little TOO much in the other direction for me. Sometimes I feel a little like Goldilocks lol … So far nothing’s been JUST right. Well … one bartender certainly felt that way … and we have talked a little bit since then … but I’ll save that for another day … 🙂


Until next time!



The Submissive and the Saint


So I had a thought about something else that struck me in my interactions with Hot Bartender. I was training a new server and playfully threatened Todd (another bartender who is moving in a week to Idaho). Hot Bartender assured Lisa, the trainee, that she shouldn’t be worried because I wouldn’t do anything. I laughed in disbelief and gave him a look. He made eye contact and smiled.

“Andie’s a submissive.”

And yeah, it kind of shocked me. I mean, I know that I am not particularly aggressive about some things, but … a submissive?

And yeah, it came out slightly sexually suggestive and that also made me flustered.

I tried to recover quickly and tossed him a dirty look.

Really?” I challenged, maintaining eye contact. He held the cheeky grin.

I continued. “I mean, come on, I can dish out some really great revenges.”

Todd interjected the tension and told Lisa, “Yeah, when she told me about the one time she waited five years to get revenge on a guy—that was the first time I was ever afraid of Andie.”

Hot Bartender conceded reluctantly, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Todd you’ll probably be in Idaho ten years later and something is going to happen and you’ll be like “Andie!” He laughed. He turned to me. “Yeah, I guess you can be scary, but you’re still a submissive,” he tossed out with a wink.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. In terms of dominancy, sure, I like a guy who takes control to a point. But I don’t feel as though I’m a submissive. I avoid drama and confrontations if I can. But I am headstrong and independent. I just choose to be nice most of the time. And if that translates into being a saint—I’m afraid I’m far from that …


I don’t think I want to be classified as some sort of weak person or madonna either.

And the whole conversation, was he seeing it as a flaw?? It was just so out of nowhere, I was shocked to hear it and have yet to identity what’s going on in my own mind.

Regardless, there was definitely some sort of dynamic tension going on.

Hot Bartender enjoys a challenge and I would like to think I challenge him often. Maybe I need to step up my game . . .


Wicked Stepsisters and Wicked Revenge


It’s official, being in the floor scrubbing segment of the Cinderella story? Yeah, it sucks hardcore.  I knew the time would come when my waitress friend would find out about my intentions toward the Hot Bartender. I just didn’t realize it would happen so quickly.

So I went out with her, let’s refer to her as Lila and another bartender we’re both good friends with last week. We’ll call the friend Mickey. Lila said we were going to a club for her friend’s B-day party and that they would be there late but as it turns out, they had already left by the time we got there. Annd it was full of really creepy people. Needless to say, Lila, Mickey, and I left and found another bar. By the time we got there, it was twenty minutes till last call and the night was pretty much done. However, Lila spent the entire time at the bar talking about Hot Bartender.


Turns out she and Chip, her latest boyfriend had broken up the past week and she was already zinging back to the Hot Bartender. Mickey knows how I feel about him and gave me a couple of sympathetic looks. I tried to not really say anything at all, but the guilt! I felt like the most evil troll sitting there listening to how they were soul mates, meant to be together, etc. etc. The whole time, I, her supposed friend, am in serious lust with the object of her attentions. And she has no idea we’re going to a wedding together.

To be fair to myself, she and Hot Bartender ended their hookups back in December and haven’t gotten together since. She just hasn’t moved on. But the thing of it is, regardless of what she wants, he IS a free agent and has let her know he wasn’t interested in her for a relationship or anything else. So the guilt isn’t really for going after him, rather for hiding it and listening to her hopes without letting her know I am hiding an attraction to him myself.

He is my end goal.

An uncomfortable night is an understatement. Yesterday I had to work a double on Easter. Yuck. But I did have a pretty good night. Hot Bartender accidentally splashed himself with water and playfully tried to get me wet too which was cute beyond all belief. Then I caught sight of Lila glaring at us.

We all brought in jelly beans and he ate too many and got a sugar rush. I told him he really was six years old and he smiled like a six year old, saying that he preferred it that way. He really is so irresistibly cute—although, you must trust me, in truth, he is so totally in his prime, a little young, a little reckless, beautiful, charming, funny, sexy, and most importantly, fun loving. He is young and fun and what I want right now. I feel like I was born too serious and too responsible and now I’m looking for a good time–and I always have one with him!

We compared tips at the end of the night and looking past his ice blue eyes, I found a glaring pair of dark blue ones flashing.

She may not know about the wedding (countdown–40 days!!!), but Lila definitely knows I like him now. And she’d turned into the hardcore wicked stepsister. It’s actually scary how eerily similar this analogy is turning out to be . . .  

She was in charge of dismissing the servers and gave me the worst sidework possible—the alley. That means literally sweeping, scrubbing, and cleansing our entire alley, pipes, and sanitizing station. When I was done, she told me I could break down the entire back prep area and had to clean that too before I left. So I flipped my tables and went to breakdown the prep area, when she somehow miraculously found two straws underneath the alley ice machine. I had to crawl under the alley counter in the disgusting grime to pull them out and cut my hands. I was heading to do the prep area when she pounced on me demanding why the prep area wasn’t finished.

“Are you serious?” I asked, tired and sweaty after having worked a double from open and it was time for closing.

She gave me a haughty eyebrow raise. Of course she was serious. It needed to be done, she replied scathingly.

I was stunned. She had seen me doing all of the other work. She knew I hadn’t had time to get back there because she had kept finding other things for me to do! And magically, she wanted that done as well. I was going to do it, but I had been crossing everything ELSE off of her list of things for me to do first. She waved me away as if I was beyond consideration and said if I couldn’t get it done, she would do it right.

Needless to say, I did the prep area break down and clean.

The evil servant treatment has started and isn’t likely to stop any time soon.

It hasn’t put me off Hot Bartender though. I just hold onto the good things. And I want to end with one now.

Hot Bartender doesn’t work Fridays, but I went ahead and did my hair and makeup anyway  for once. I made a fifty dollar tip!!! and was ringing it in when someone tapped my shoulder. Turning around, it was him! My face lit up—I could feel it happening and just couldn’t stop it because he was there, an unexpected wonderful surprise.

“What are you doing here?” He was wearing casual clothing so he wasn’t here to work.

“It’s my sister’s birthday and my family’s here. So I have a big favor to ask you.”

“Of course, what is it?” Far too eager—I know—but I was off my game.

“I want to get her good for her birthday and I want you to do the birthday shout out.”

Out of everyone, he wanted me to do it.

I agreed and waited for his “secret signal.” His sister realized and ran back to the table before we could do the shout out, but I went over to wish her happy birthday personally.


“Just know we were all mentally saying Happy Birthday,” I explained with a smile, “But really, I know what he had planned, so it’s probably for the best that you ran,” I laughed. She did too.

“Oh, I know it would have been horrible,” she replied with a smile. “I’ll just have to think of some way to get him back!”

“Well, if you need any help, I’m full of great ideas,” I reassured her. “Just let me know.”

Hot Bartender shuddered and looked at me with playful fear. “Don’t, that’s scary.”

He always says he’s afraid of my perfect and devious revenges. They are devious.

It was fun meeting his family and I think they were all pretty cool people.

The takeaway from this story is THANK HEAVENS I did not look grungy. I am very thankful 🙂

And out of all the people, he picked me.

I always thought people were just insipid when they said that they could stare into another person’s eyes and get lost in them, but sometimes when we’re talking I am so caught up that I realize belatedly that I’ve been lost in eye contact, watching his features light up while he’s telling me a story. Thing is, I don’t feel embarrassed because he’s smiling and making eye contact right back.

As for the Lila situation, it looks like I’ll just have to get ready for a lot more sweeping and mopping in my future, because while I still have a shot, I’m not giving up.



Vamps and Butterflies


It’s time for that best part of the cliché romantic comedy Cinderella spinoff movie. The transformation. Okay, so it’s not as though I will be getting plastic surgery or 80 million dollars to pull out all the stops, but I DO have a few things in store 😉

So it’s the post-Ask week. Surprisingly, things have been very different than anticipated. First off, I was worried things might be weird or different between Hot Bartender and I. They weren’t, but then again, it was like nothing had changed, so of course, I was slightly worried that he may A.) be trying to get out of going B.) be dreading going or C.) have forgotten all about it.

Then, towards the end of the first shift we’d had together since The Ask, I was breaking down the ice machine with Hot Bartender and commented that our dishwasher had yelled at me. He was surprised too, our dishwasher Bill is normally super nice. So when I confirmed it with a “Yeah, what the heck?” He smiled devilishly and said, “He’s probably just mad cause he’s not your Plus One.”

I jerked my eyes up to his across the Coke selection and it took me half a second for it to sink in. And there was A LOT to process. Obviously, he had not forgotten, he wasn’t dreading going, and he was NOT looking for a way to get out of the date. In fact, I’m pretty sure there was a fair amount of amusement and pride in his voice too. It was as if he was saying, “He’s mad because he’s not going with you, I am.” Which I must admit deliciously thrills me. He’s sort of cocky of course and I had considered that asking him might elevate his ego. I think he’s feeling pretty good that out of anyone I could have asked, I asked him. And that gave me such a great rush! I smiled in response and tried a little unfamiliar cockiness myself. I shrugged. “Yeah, you’re probably right,” I agreed with a vamp-approved smile. My daring has grown up so fast!

You see, I’ve been kind of know as the person who doesn’t date. I’ve never really dated at all with the exception of Top Gun. So I’m hoping that he does pick up on the fact that out of the restaurant, he’s the person I wanted to go with me. I hope this works. It’s a delicate process lol 🙂


So . . .  onto the beautification. See, this is where the surprise really comes in. I’ve found after The Ask, I wanted to become a person that he would want to be with and in the process, I’ve realized I like this me to. This is a person I want to be all the time, even if things with Hot Bartender don’t workout. And this is a pleasant surprise for sure.

I’ve joined a Planet Fitness and have been going every day to try to get rid of twenty pounds before the wedding and have been eating nutritiously ever since. I’m already 8 pounds down and I feel amazing! It turns out I LOVE working out and eating healthy isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’ve been using a new facial scrub an lotion and my face is glowing. My clothes fit way better, too.


I’ve scheduled a hair appointment, manicure pedicure, facial, and bronzing at a spa for the week before the wedding. I was a little nervous about the bronzing. I always joke that I’m so white I glow in the dark … but this isn’t tanning, it’s actually like it’s painted on with a lotion and absorbs into the skin. I’m definitely visiting Victoria Secrets and I’m on the hunt to decide what the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories shall be!

Let’s just say that I’m determined that Hot Bartender won’t know what’s coming. And I’m hoping it’ll have the anticipated impact. I know this isn’t the movies and that I am not going to be able to work miracles, but I feel better already! It was long overdue … and I have always thought I looked most similar to Anne Hathaway … and let’s say I’m on the experience level of Drew Barrymore circa Never Been Kissed lol 🙂


As a side note though, a friend has invited me to a fancy party tomorrow. I am concerned however, because she wants to introduce me to this supposedly irresistible guy. Here’s the danger zone: this is the friend who’s not over Hot Bartender. And I have a feeling she suspects what’s going on and is trying to get me shoved off on another guy. I know that there’s not a lot that she CAN do, especially because I doubt this guy is half the guy Hot Bartender is, but it’s bound to be messy when she finds out we’re going to the wedding together. I’m dreading that. I guess some of my passive aggressive tendencies are still alive and strong after all. . . I still like her and she’s still sort of my friend, but honestly I have the worst feeling that she might be my wicked villain stepsister in this melodrama. If only things were that black and white sometimes. I’m worried they might be miserably gray in this situation.

So I’m at a loss as to what to do there. All I know is that things are going forward steadily and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the wedding which is 44 days and counting! I have a countdown in my office cubicle and a coworker commented saying that she didn’t know I was getting married. She seemed amused when I told her I wasn’t the one getting married but I was the one with the hot date for it.


One more side note that has nothing to do with my present drama … today before the gym I shall be buying a bed! It’s cherry wood and a queen sleigh bed style! I am thrilled to be finally sleeping in a bed after 8 months sleeping on my couch (life of a poor college grad lol). Of course, this COULD possibly be connected with the wedding scenario after all …

I have a feeling if he’s up for it I might consider a hookup or at the least a really nice make out session. Having never really been here before I have no idea how I feel about any of this, but at this point and time, I just want to trust my gut decision. And right now my stomach butterflies are telling me they would really like to experience a love bite with those teeth … just saying!


The Wedding Date

So I have two jobs. During the weekend I’m a server at a restaurant that is … interesting. A bunch of young servers and bartenders working the weekends together? The inevitable drama and intrigue occurs. And there happens to be this bartender …

He’s not over-the-top gorgeous, but he has this unmistakable charisma. He’s blonde, blue-eyed, and has a devilish smile. He was immediately a sensation among the waitresses. And initially, I didn’t see it. He was so so, just a normal guy. But because I didn’t see it, I became friends with him and—you guessed it—fell hard. Harder than most I would say because I didn’t see it coming.

One very rough day I was missing an appetizer and was stressed out and magically there he was, potato skins and all, saving the day. He smiled and I just realized I was in deep trouble.

We’ve closed the restaurant together, laugh and joke and flirt. But I don’t think he sees me as anything other than a friend yet. He’s hooked up with one of my friends as a casual thing and she’s still hung up on him, although the rules of that game had been blatantly clear and set from the get go. That was half a year ago. The allure is that good.

And you can’t even say he’s skeezy because she’s the one who went after him and it only lasted a weekend. There’s also something to be said about the age difference. We’re both 23 and she’s many years our senior. She also invited him to go to Las Vegas and told everyone she planned to drug him and coerce a marriage out of him. So no, I wouldn’t label him as skeezy. He learned his lesson.

Liam thinks I’ve been friendzoned. I think Liam may be right.

I’m 5’9”, so I have always been a little sensitive about my height, insisting I only liked guys taller than me—like 6 foot and on. Hot Bartender is only 5’10” and I have discovered that I just don’t care—there is so much more that would make us work well together. We talk about movies, books, music, his ex-girlfriend, friends, the works. And we always have a good time. But I just feel that he doesn’t see me as girlfriend potential yet.

And this is where the wedding comes in.

Nope, I’m not crazy, planning to drug him in Las Vegas or anything like that 😉

I was invited to my old boss’ wedding on Memorial Day weekend. And I want to ask him to go with me.

I think that might be the push we need to get him to look at me in something more than a friendly light. I KNOW we have good chemistry, but I feel like this could convince him. This is if he says yes.

The downside here is that I’m caught in that typical MTV Friendzone dilemma. I don’t want to lose him by scaring him off. And the response that it will be a relief to know so I can move on? Well I don’t think there are a lot of good ones out there available right now and so if there’s a chance that making the right move could make all the difference? Well, then I guess I would rather be tortured a little longer.

So I’m in a pickle. Do I ask him and face ruining the base of a relationship I’ve been trying to slowly encourage, or do I do nothing and risk losing out because—let’s face it—I’m a little bit of a coward?

I’m still not sure and the time is coming up fast to make that decision.

It’s the case of how would the Hot Bartender react to a request to be a casual wedding date?

It’s a mystery I’m a little afraid to solve.

(Still in deliberation.)